According to reports, Colorado Supreme Court justices have been receiving violent threats following their ruling against former President Trump.

Zenzilla News Editor Discovers Disturbing Online Threats Against Justices and Trump Opponents

A series of alarming posts on various online platforms have come to light, highlighting a dangerous trend of violent rhetoric and calls for harm towards justices and opponents of former President Trump. Users have resorted to advocating for their killing through gunfire, hanging, or bombs, while others have urged followers to stock up on weapons and ammunition, suggesting a civil war against Democrats. Shockingly, some individuals have responded directly to Trump’s posts on his social media platform, Truth Social, with the same violent language and calls to arms.

One user even went as far as making a chilling joke about the Colorado Supreme Court justices, stating, “What do you call 7 justices from the Colorado Supreme Court on the bottom of the ocean? A good start.” Another user demanded that the justices be arrested and sent to Guantanamo.

The intensity of these threats is deeply concerning, with some users expressing their belief that the country is beyond repair and the only remaining option is to engage in a civil war and seek retribution against those they hold responsible for its alleged destruction. Shockingly, some users have even suggested replicating the brutal tactics employed by Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who used helicopters to eliminate his political opponents. Additionally, some individuals have resorted to blaming Jews for the court’s decision.

These threats specifically target the seven justices of the Colorado Supreme Court, all of whom are Democrats. The non-partisan organization Advance Democracy has meticulously aggregated and analyzed these threats. They also discovered that some of the justices who voted in favor of removing Trump from the ballot had their personal information, including office email addresses, building addresses, and photos, shared online.

The Colorado court’s decision, which resulted in a 4-3 ruling, has triggered a potential showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the constitutional provision central to the case. If the U.S. high court rules against Trump, it could potentially jeopardize his eligibility for the presidency. This development has further intensified online rhetoric against law enforcement and judges who have taken action against the former president.

Advance Democracy has observed a distressing pattern where violent online rhetoric spikes with every significant legal development related to Donald Trump. This includes his indictments in New York, Fulton County (Georgia), and Florida and Washington, D.C., brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith. It is important to note that Trump has pleaded not guilty in all these legal cases.

In a separate case involving federal election interference, Trump’s gag order prohibits him from targeting witnesses regarding their involvement in the case, as well as court staff and their relatives. Trump is currently attempting to challenge this gag order, claiming it infringes on his right to free speech.

The severity of these threats is demonstrated by a recent incident where a woman was charged with threatening to kill Judge Tanya Chutkan, who presides over the 2020 election subversion case. Abigail Jo Shry allegedly left a message at the judge’s chambers warning, “If Trump doesn’t get elected in 2024, we are coming to kill you, so tread lightly… You will be targeted personally, publicly, your family, all of it.”

As this disturbing trend continues to unfold, it raises serious concerns about the safety of public officials and the potential for escalating violence. Olivia Rinaldi and Matthew Mosk have contributed to the research and analysis of this report.

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In a recent report, it has been revealed that Colorado Supreme Court justices have been targeted with violent threats following their ruling against former President Donald Trump. The justices faced aggression and intimidation after they rejected a legal challenge related to the 2020 presidential election. These threats highlight the concerning trend of escalating hostility towards public officials involved in contentious political decisions. The safety and security of judges and justices must be prioritized to ensure the fair and impartial functioning of our judicial system.

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