Bullfighting resumes in Mexico City despite protests.

Bullfights resumed in Mexico City on Sunday, following a temporary revocation of a local ruling that had suspended the events for over a year and a half. The resumption took place amid protests outside the Plaza México, the world’s largest bullfighting arena. Supporters of bullfighting expressed their excitement while opponents argued that the practice violates animal welfare and people’s rights to a healthy environment. The legal battle surrounding bullfighting in the capital has been filled with twists and turns.

The first bullfighter to enter the ring was Joselito Adame, a renowned Mexican matador, and thousands of people cheered the return of the “fiesta brava,” as bullfighting is known in Spanish. Six bulls were fought on Sunday, and all of them were killed.

Outside the arena, about 300 protesters gathered to voice their opposition to bullfights. Some activists shouted slogans and held signs condemning the practice. While the protest remained mostly peaceful, there were moments of tension when some activists threw objects at the police. Activists questioned why bullfights were allowed to resume despite evidence of harm to the bulls.

Inside the Plaza México, the atmosphere was festive, with people enjoying food, drinks, and taking photos. Supporters of bullfighting celebrated the resumption of the events.

The controversy surrounding bullfighting extends beyond Mexico City. Animal rights groups have made progress in limiting the activity in various states, while supporters argue that the ban infringes on their rights and jeopardizes thousands of jobs. The National Association of Fighting Bull Breeders estimates that bullfighting is responsible for numerous direct and indirect jobs and contributes approximately $400 million annually to the Mexican economy.

While the legal battle over bullfighting continues, the association has been working to promote the sport and attract new, younger fans through events and workshops.

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