Cricket News: Ravi Shastri’s Uncommon Mistake during Australia vs Pakistan 1st Test Toss Captured in Viral Video.

Ravi Shastri, the former cricketer and current commentator, recently made a rare fumble at the toss during a Test match between Pakistan and Australia. After a successful stint as the coach of the Indian cricket team, Shastri has returned to commentary, covering matches in the Big Bash league. In a recent interview, Shastri expressed his belief that the One-day format of cricket needs to evolve and undergo major changes. He suggested that a 40-over match could be a way to keep the format engaging for modern spectators, whose attention spans have grown shorter. Shastri also mentioned that fans often prioritize watching their favorite team bat and tend to leave the stadium after a few overs of the second innings.
Ravi Shastri, former cricketer and coach of the Indian cricket team, has returned to doing commentary after his tenure as coach. However, during the toss of a recent match between Pakistan and Australia, Shastri made a rare fumble. Despite this, Shastri recently shared his thoughts on the one-day format, suggesting that major changes are needed to keep up with the evolving times. He proposed a 40-over game to cater to the shorter attention span of modern spectators and boost enthusiasm for the format. Shastri believes that spectators tend to rush to the ground to watch specific parts of the game, depending on their favorite team’s batting order.

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