In A First, AI-Based Tool Used To Translate PM Modi’s Speech

In A First, AI-Based Tool Used To Translate PM Modi's Speech

PM Modi said AI will help him reach out to more people

New Delhi/Varanasi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at an event in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi yesterday was translated in real-time using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

PM Modi said the technology will help him reach out to more people. “This was my first experience. As usual, I speak in Hindi and AI will translate it to Tamil,” he said, addressing the audience at the Kashi Tamil Sangamam.

“This is a new beginning and hopefully, it makes it easier for me to reach you,” the Prime Minister said.

The speech was translated through a AI-based translation tool ‘Bhashini’. ‘Bhashini’ is an AI-led language translation system that enables people to speak in their own language while talking to speakers of other Indian languages.

The Prime Minister called the bond between Tamil Nadu and Varanasi “unique”. “Coming from Tamil Nadu to Kashi means coming from one home of Mahadev to his other home,” he said.

“I am sure, the people of Kashi will leave no stone unturned in serving you all. When you leave, along with the blessings of Baba Vishwanath, you will also take with you the taste, culture and memories of Kashi,” PM Modi said.

Month-long Kashi Tamil Sangamam will witness the participation of about 1,400 dignitaries from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Besides cultural exchange programmes, an exhibition showcasing the rich tapestry of art, music, handloom, handicrafts, cuisines and other distinctive products from Tamil Nadu and Varanasi will be held during the event.

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