MK Stalin sharply rebukes Tamil Nadu Governor over Gandhi remarks.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has strongly criticized Governor RN Ravi’s recent remarks about Mahatma Gandhi, accusing him of attempting to tarnish the legacy of the Father of the Nation. This clash of opinions has sparked another confrontation between the two prominent figures.

RN Ravi had initially suggested that Gandhi’s significance diminished after 1942, but later retracted his statement, blaming the media for selectively reporting his words. In a statement released by the Raj Bhavan, Mr. Ravi stated, “I did not intend any disrespect towards Mahatma Gandhi, whose teachings have been the guiding light of my life,” referring to his speech on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 127th birth anniversary on January 23.

The Governor added that some media outlets had distorted his speech by cherry-picking certain portions. However, Chief Minister Stalin emphasized Gandhi’s strong opposition to religious nationalism, highlighting how the leader sacrificed his life while combating religious fanaticism. Mr. Stalin accused Governor Ravi and others of distorting history by undermining Gandhi’s pivotal role in India’s struggle for independence.

“The right-wing faction defames the Father of the Nation with false accusations. Their attempt to erase Gandhi’s fame is evident in their transformation of Gandhi Jayanti into the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This exemplifies the current era’s immersion in communalism. We must put an end to this,” stated Mr. Stalin.

Furthermore, Mr. Stalin announced his party’s plan to hold a Communal Harmony Pledge on October 30, which coincides with the day of Gandhi’s assassination. He urged citizens to unite against divisive forces and uphold the principles of communal harmony that were embodied by the Mahatma. The event will include participation from members of all religions, and Mr. Stalin also provided a list of slogans to be raised at various district capital venues across the state.

As of now, we are awaiting a response.

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