Parents in Madhya Pradesh District Schools Required to Wear Santa Costume

Parents' Nod Must To Wear Santa Costume In Madhya Pradesh District Schools

The circular also mentions children dressing up as Christmas trees.


Asking schools to give the communication the highest priority, the circular warns, “Unilateral disciplinary action will be proposed against your organisation if there are complaints in this regard.”

District Education Officer Vivek Dubey said there have been complaints in the past and that the order does not ban Christmas events in schools.

“The circular does not ban any events in schools during the coming festive season. In the past, there have been instances of parents complaining about their wards being made part of such events in schools without their consent, and the circular is aimed at preventing such disputes. It’s better to such controversies rather than acting after the incident has occurred,” he said.

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In Madhya Pradesh district schools, a circular has been issued stating that parents’ consent is required for children to dress up as Santa Claus or Christmas trees during the festive season. The circular emphasizes that schools should prioritize communication with parents and warns of potential disciplinary action if complaints are received. The District Education Officer, Vivek Dubey, clarified that the circular does not ban Christmas events in schools but aims to prevent disputes by ensuring parental consent. The intention is to avoid controversies and address concerns beforehand rather than after incidents occur. The current context of this news is not provided in the given text.

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