President Biden promises aid to Los Angeles Mayor in a speakerphone call.

In a surprising turn of events during a news conference on Monday evening, Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles received a phone call from President Biden. The mayor had been updating residents on the ongoing storm wreaking havoc in the city when she stepped away from the microphone to answer the call.

The interruption occurred when a reporter inquired about efforts to rescue a man who had bravely jumped into the raging Los Angeles River to save his dog. An aide pulled Mayor Bass aside, and a few minutes later, she returned to the podium, phone in hand.

Mayor Bass seized the opportunity and asked President Biden if he would deliver a message to the people of Los Angeles. With her phone held up to the microphone, she eagerly waited for the president’s response.

“Yes,” came the president’s reply.

In response, Mayor Bass requested that the president share a few words, knowing it would be greatly appreciated by Angelenos. President Biden expressed his admiration for the city’s handling of the situation, acknowledging that they were undergoing an impressive operation. He revealed that he had just spoken with Governor Gavin Newsom and assured Mayor Bass that help would be sent as soon as requested.

The unexpected call from President Biden occurred as Los Angeles city officials were providing an update on the unprecedented rainfall that had resulted in over 120 mudslides and caused damage to 25 structures. An atmospheric river had inundated vast areas of the state, but fortunately, extreme flooding was avoided. Instead, the damage took the form of numerous smaller incidents, including sinkholes, fallen trees, and erosion.

During the news conference, Lindsey Horvath, a Los Angeles County supervisor, emphasized that the region remained at risk. Although the situation did not escalate to the level emergency workers and rescuers had prepared for, the ground was still highly saturated, leaving the potential for further landslides, rockslides, and mudslides. Ariel Cohen, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Los Angeles, urged Angelenos to remain vigilant as the rain persisted.

As the city grapples with the aftermath of the storm, the unexpected call from President Biden provided a momentary boost of encouragement for Mayor Bass and the residents of Los Angeles. However, the threat posed by the ongoing rainfall serves as a reminder of the need to stay alert and prepared for any potential challenges that lie ahead.

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