Supreme Court instructs woman IPS officer to remove posts criticizing IAS official: India News – Times of India

The Supreme Court stated that it would examine the case between IPS officer D Roopa and IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri, who were unable to settle their dispute out of court. However, the IPS officer was instructed to remove her social media posts against the IAS officer. The court expressed disappointment that two officers responsible for the administration of the state could not resolve their differences. The dispute between the officers began on February 19 when Roopa made several allegations, including corruption charges, against Sindhuri. The court requested Roopa to delete the objectionable posts within 24 hours. The purpose of hearing the case was to bring an end to the dispute for the sake of the state’s administration.
The Supreme Court in India has said that it will examine a case involving two women officers from Karnataka, IPS D Roopa and IAS Rohini Sindhuri, who have failed to reach an out-of-court settlement. The court has asked Roopa to delete her social media posts against Sindhuri. The officers have been involved in a court battle, hurling personal allegations against each other. The dispute began on February 19 when Roopa accused Sindhuri of corruption and shared objectionable photographs. The court expressed disappointment that the officers could not resolve their differences and stated that it would hear the case on merit.

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