Trump turns the courtroom into a stage at the defense table.

Former President Donald J. Trump displayed his contempt for the legal system and courtroom protocols during the defamation trial that concluded with a jury ordering him to pay $83.3 million to writer E. Jean Carroll. This behavior, along with his conduct in another pending civil case, offers insight into how he might handle himself during the four criminal cases he is facing. Unlike the civil trials, he will be required to be present throughout the criminal proceedings. Trump used the defense table as a stage to convey his own message, creating a tense atmosphere. Despite his claims of unfair treatment, Judge Kaplan allowed Trump considerable leeway. Trump’s grumblings and outbursts during the trial prompted the judge to consider removing him from the courtroom. Trump seemed determined to make his case, even though the court imposed limits on him. His actions and statements in both trials demonstrated a disregard for the rules and laws that apply to everyone else.

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