US woman emerges from 5-year coma after laughing at mother’s joke

Michigan Woman Wakes Up From 5-Year Coma After Laughing at Mother’s Joke

Jennifer Flewellen, a woman from Michigan who was involved in a car accident in September 2017, has recently begun her miraculous journey to recovery. After being in an “irreversible coma” for five years, Flewellen woke up on August 25, 2022, responding with laughter to her mother’s joke.

Peggy Means, Flewellen’s mother, shared her initial surprise and joy at her daughter’s awakening. “When she woke up, it scared me at first because she was laughing and she had never done that,” Means told People. “Every dream came true. Today’s the day I said, ‘That door that was closed, that kept us apart, had just opened. We were back.'”

Since waking up, Flewellen has been diligently working on regaining her speech and mobility. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support the purchase of a handicap van and home modifications to aid in her rehabilitation.

Describing Flewellen’s progress, Means said, “She woke up, but she didn’t completely. She couldn’t speak, but she was nodding. She would still sleep a lot right at first, but then as the months would go by, she would get stronger and be more awake.”

Dr. Ralph Wang, Flewellen’s physician at Michigan’s Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, expressed the rarity of her recovery. “This is so rare,” he said. “Not just waking up, but making progress. Maybe 1-2% of patients wake up and make progress this far out.”

In a heartwarming turn of events, Flewellen was able to attend her son Julian’s football game, becoming his biggest supporter once again. Julian, who was only 11 years old when his mother fell into a coma, described the experience as surreal. “So to have my biggest supporter back on the sidelines cheering me on, it was a surreal moment,” he said.

Following the news of her attendance at the football game, Flewellen secured additional therapy at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Throughout her time in the hospital, her mother remained by her side, offering unwavering support.

Flewellen’s remarkable awakening and progress serve as an extraordinary testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering love of family.

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