Washing Machine Assists in Capturing Killer of Bureaucrat’s Wife

Bureaucrat Murdered by Husband in Madhya Pradesh: Washing Machine Provides Crucial Clue

In a shocking incident in Madhya Pradesh, a bureaucrat was found dead in her home, allegedly killed by her unemployed husband. The man went to great lengths to hide the evidence and mislead the police, but his attempts were thwarted by an unexpected source – a washing machine.

The victim, Nisha Napit, worked as a sub-divisional magistrate in Shahpura, Dindori district. According to the police, her husband, Manish Sharma, was infuriated because she had not named him as her nominee in her service book, insurance, and bank account. In a fit of rage, he smothered her with a pillow and then proceeded to wash her blood-stained clothes in an attempt to destroy any incriminating evidence.

However, investigators discovered a pivotal clue in the washing machine at the couple’s home – a pillow cover and bedsheet. This unexpected find played a significant role in solving the case.

The revelation came shortly after Nisha Napit’s sister, Nilima Napit, accused Manish Sharma of murdering her sibling. Nilima claimed that Sharma had subjected Nisha to financial abuse and even prevented their house help from entering her room.

“He used to harass Nisha for money. My sister did not have any disease. Manish has done something wrong. He even didn’t let the house help enter Nisha’s room,” Nilima alleged.

Following the investigation, authorities arrested Manish Sharma, charging him under sections 302, 304 B, and 201 of the Indian Penal Code. The couple had met on a matrimonial site and got married in 2020, without the involvement of their families, as per Nilima Napit’s claims.

The incident unfolded when Manish took Nisha to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. Although Sharma tried to pass it off as a natural death caused by a kidney ailment, Nisha’s sister firmly rejected this explanation, asserting that her sister had been a victim of physical and mental abuse.

When questioned by the police, Sharma concocted an elaborate story, stating that Nisha had been fasting and had vomited during the night, after which he administered some medication. He claimed that she did not wake up the next day, prompting him to call for medical assistance.

However, doctors at the hospital found evidence of bleeding from Nisha’s nose and mouth, leading to Sharma’s subsequent arrest. The police relied on the post-mortem report, witness statements, and their investigation of the crime scene to build their case.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Mukesh Shrivastava commended the investigative team for their swift action in solving the case within 24 hours. As a token of appreciation, he announced a reward of Rs 20,000.

The tragic murder of Nisha Napit serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of domestic violence and the importance of swift and thorough investigations to bring justice to the victims.

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