Biden commends Black churches, emphasizes their impactful influence.

President Joe Biden praised the significant role of Black churches during a speech at St. John Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He expressed his belief that the world would be a different place without the presence of these churches, which provide solace and demonstrate the “power of faith” during times of darkness. This speech was part of Biden’s two-day visit to South Carolina aimed at rallying Black voters ahead of the party’s primary on February 3. During his visit, the President also visited a predominantly Black barbershop and attended a state Democratic Party dinner. Biden emphasized his commitment to South Carolina, a state that played a crucial role in his 2020 campaign, and his determination to regain the support of Black voters who were instrumental in his election. As a practicing Roman Catholic, Biden highlighted the teachings of Black churches and their emphasis on the “power of faith.” He asked the congregation to imagine a world without the presence of Black churches and praised their role in shaping a more just society. The President also released a statement condemning a recent drone strike in Jordan and attributed the attack to Iran-backed militia groups. This visit follows Biden’s earlier campaign speech at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, which holds significance due to the tragic shooting of nine Black parishioners in 2015.

President Joe Biden praised the significance of Black churches during his visit to South Carolina. He emphasized the power of faith and acknowledged the impact of Black churches in times of darkness. Biden aimed to rally Black voters before the upcoming primary and expressed his loyalty to South Carolina. He recognized the vital role of Black voters in his election victory and sought to regain their support. Additionally, Biden referenced the importance of Black churches in inspiring hope and pushing for justice. He concluded his visit by addressing the congregation and highlighting the value of their prayers.

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