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Dhak Dhak released in theatres on October 13.

Dhak Dhak released in theatres on October 13.

Producer Pranjal Khandhdiya hinted that the sequel could maintain the original four female characters or possibly introduce male characters into the mix.

The film “Dhak Dhak,” which tells the story of a bike expedition by four women from Delhi to Leh, is gaining significant attention on the OTT platform. Producer Pranjal Khandhdiya has revealed that work has already begun on a sequel, in which the female biker gang may embark on a trip to Barcelona.

Khandhdiya stated, “A story like ‘Dhak Dhak’ is a rarity. The film presents many challenges that have not been successfully tackled before. Now that we have accomplished it, it only makes sense to take on the next challenge. Each character in ‘Dhak Dhak’ deserves a spin-off. We have already started brainstorming ideas for the sequel. We want to expand the road trip universe beyond Khardung La.”

‘Dhak Dhak’ is a unique film that follows the journey of four women from diverse backgrounds as they ride from Delhi to Khardung La. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, fueled by their determination to prove skeptics wrong.

Khandhdiya hinted that the sequel may maintain the original four female characters or introduce new male characters. He said, “The same four characters might remain or we might introduce new characters or even bring in some male characters. But it all depends on how we take the story forward. However, the audience will definitely be part of this journey. ‘Dhak Dhak’ will not stop at Khardung La. The journey continues.”

Khandhdiya is a rising star in Bollywood as a film producer. He has produced several successful films, including ‘Kacchey Limbu,’ ‘Rashmi Rocket,’ ‘Blurr,’ ‘Dhak Dhak,’ and ‘Sweet Dreams.’ With more projects in the pipeline, he is shaping a dynamic career in the film industry.

Khandhdiya believes in the power of compelling storytelling to engage audiences. He stated, “The audiences today are mature and can sense the story ahead of time. Therefore, any story that excites the audience with a new concept becomes attractive. Our selection of stories is gender neutral. In today’s world, female characters have become more experimental and appealing.”

Creating a film with an ensemble cast like ‘Dhak Dhak’ presents its own challenges. Khandhdiya mentioned, “Managing multiple talented actors is not easy. This is why Bollywood doesn’t see many ensemble films. But in our case, we managed to cast four women from different age brackets and backgrounds, and they were our first choices.”

Khandhdiya also highlighted the challenges of releasing a film and the importance of finding an audience. He expressed his excitement about collaborating with Taapsee Pannu in production and emphasized the value of their partnership.

Overall, Khandhdiya’s journey as a film producer has been filled with learning and excitement, and he continues to push boundaries in the world of cinema.

The article discusses the upcoming sequel to the film “Dhak Dhak,” which is a story about four women embarking on a bike expedition from Delhi to Leh. The producer, Pranjal Khandhdiya, revealed that the sequel is in the works and hinted that the characters may go on a trip to Barcelona. He also mentioned the possibility of introducing male characters into the mix. Khandhdiya emphasized the uniqueness of “Dhak Dhak” and expressed his belief in choosing compelling stories that entertain audiences. The article also highlights the challenges of casting an ensemble of talented actors and the struggles faced in releasing the film. Khandhdiya is excited to collaborate with actress Taapsee Pannu in production and emphasizes the importance of their partnership.

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