Review: “In Lies We Trust” – A Powerful Animation Film

New Delhi: Schirkoa – In Lies We Trust, an animation film of remarkable power, has garnered attention for its dazzling visual flair and thought-provoking storytelling. Directed by debutant Ishan Shukla, the 103-minute film combines 3D mo-cap and 2D techniques to create a unique blend of dystopian noir, sci-fi fantasy, and contemporary social commentary.

Premiering at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024, Schirkoa represents a significant advancement for Indian animation, breaking free from the constraints of Bollywood and mythological narratives. The film explores a range of provocative ideas, including the limitations of resistance, the irrelevance of rebellion, and the use of fear-mongering as a tool of oppression.

Unlike traditional animated features, Schirkoa does not rely on a confident male protagonist. Instead, the film follows a hesitant hero who navigates a world devoid of freedom and grapples with doubt. The creative brilliance of the film is enhanced by its inventive color palette, diverse characters, and standout voice cast, which includes Golshifteh Farahani, Asia Argento, Soko, King Khan, and John Sutton.

Sneha Khanwalkar’s exceptional background score captures the varying moods of the film, while the soundtrack features evocative songs composed and performed by Khanwalkar and King Khan. Schirkoa delves into themes of blind faith, autocracy, and the fight against indoctrination, all within a society that fears diversity and demands conformity.

As the protagonist ventures beyond the confines of his regulated society, the film undergoes a transformative journey, both visually and thematically. It exposes the government’s manipulation of its citizens through the spread of fear and propaganda, while also highlighting the yearning for personal freedom and the repercussions of dissent.

Schirkoa – In Lies We Trust stands out not only for its compelling storyline but also for its technical prowess. Shot in a video game engine, the film exhibits depth, structure, and meticulous design. Ishan Shukla’s mastery of the medium and his boundless imagination make Schirkoa a truly remarkable cinematic experience.

With its powerful narrative and stunning animation, Schirkoa – In Lies We Trust pushes the boundaries of Indian animation and establishes itself as a groundbreaking work of art.

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