Lava and Qubo top customer ratings among Indian brands: Techarc

According to market analysis firm Techarc, domestic smart electronics companies like Lava and Qubo are gaining traction and competing closely with their global counterparts in terms of brand acceptance. The study conducted by Techarc analyzed ratings received by 25 brands across 35 different product categories on e-commerce platforms Amazon and Flipkart in December.

The report highlighted that Lava, along with brands like Realme and Redmi, achieved an average weighted rating of 4.2 on e-commerce platforms, which is just touching the industry benchmark of 4.3. Lava also scored a higher proportion of high ratings (4 and 5) at 90.2%, compared to the global brands which had 75.8% of their consumer ratings scoring 4 or 5.

In the Internet of Things category, Qubo, a Hero group firm, surpassed the industry average rating of 4 with a rating of 4.1. However, its global counterparts received a higher proportion of 4 and 5 ratings.

Indian brands in the wearable category, such as Noise, Boult Audio, Boat, and PTron, received ratings slightly below the industry benchmark of 4.2 compared to global counterparts like Realme, Redmi, OPPO, and OnePlus Nord.

Lava emerged as the leading domestic brand in smart electronics with a weighted average customer rating of 4.2 on e-commerce platforms, followed by Qubo at 4.1, according to Techarc.

The report noted that brands like Lava and Qubo, which have invested in end-to-end product design and development within the country, have secured top rankings in terms of customer ratings. However, the study did not include Apple and Samsung wearables as they cater to a different cohort of users, while Indian brands target the mass segment.

Overall, domestic smart electronics brands are making significant strides in brand acceptance and market competitiveness, showcasing their potential in the global market.

Lava and Qubo have emerged as the top Indian brands in terms of customer ratings, according to a report by Techarc. The study highlights the growing popularity and positive feedback received by these brands in the Indian market. Lava, a leading mobile phone manufacturer, and Qubo, a smart home solutions provider, have successfully won over customers with their innovative products and exceptional customer service. This achievement reflects the trust and satisfaction among Indian consumers towards these local brands.

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