Prime Minister Modi stated that India’s foreign policy is characterized by ‘mix-and-match diplomacy.’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has outlined India’s foreign policy approach as “mix-and-match diplomacy” that prioritizes pragmatic engagement aligned with national interests. In an interview with the UK-based Financial Times, PM Modi emphasized the interconnectedness and interdependence of the world while highlighting India’s commitment to its national interest in foreign affairs. He stated that this approach allows India to engage with various nations in a manner that respects mutual interests and acknowledges the complexities of contemporary geopolitics.

Regarding India’s relationship with the United States, PM Modi described it as being on an “upward trajectory.” Despite recent allegations involving an Indian government official in a plot on US soil, the Prime Minister asserted that the India-US relationship is now broader in engagement, deeper in understanding, and warmer in friendship than ever before. He emphasized that incidents involving individual citizens would not affect the strong ties between the two countries.

The interview also touched upon India’s active role on the global stage, including hosting the “Voice of the Global South” summit and advocating for the African Union’s admission as a permanent G20 member. PM Modi maintained close ties with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin while also cementing a closer-than-ever relationship with US President Joe Biden during his state visit to the US in June.

Regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, PM Modi reiterated India’s commitment to fostering peace in the region and expressed India’s willingness to contribute to regional stability. India has sent humanitarian aid to Gaza and supports a two-state solution for peace in the Middle East.

In his address to the 2nd Voice of the Global South Summit, PM Modi emphasized the need for unity among Global South countries for the greater global good, particularly in light of emerging challenges in the West Asia region.

Overall, PM Modi’s interview with the Financial Times provides insights into India’s foreign policy approach, its relationships with the US and other nations, and its commitment to peace and stability in the global arena.,

India’s foreign policy is characterized by a strategic approach known as “mix-and-match diplomacy,” as stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This approach involves a combination of bilateral and multilateral engagements with countries across the globe. India aims to foster mutually beneficial relationships while safeguarding its national interests and promoting global peace and stability. Through a mix-and-match approach, India seeks to enhance economic partnerships, promote regional connectivity, and address global challenges such as climate change and terrorism. This flexible and pragmatic foreign policy allows India to navigate the complex and ever-evolving international landscape effectively.

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