Chief Justice teaches lawyer courtroom etiquette after speaking out of turn.

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud reprimanded a lawyer in court today, emphasizing the importance of courtroom decorum. He stated that the Supreme Court is not a platform where one can board any train, schooling the lawyer on proper behavior in the court.

The incident occurred when the lawyer stood up out of turn and requested an urgent hearing for a public interest litigation on judicial reforms. However, the matter was not listed for the day, which angered the Chief Justice. He expressed his displeasure at the lawyer’s disregard for the established rules and advised him to consult with a senior lawyer to learn how to behave in a court.

The lawyer defended himself, stating that he is not against the judicial system but seeks improvements. In response, the Chief Justice asked where the lawyer practices, and upon learning that he appears in the high court and lower courts, he suggested working with a senior advocate who can train him in courtroom decorum and mannerisms.

Chief Justice Chandrachud is known for his strict adherence to courtroom etiquette and has previously reprimanded lawyers who have crossed the line. Just this month, he admonished a lawyer for arguing loudly and instructed him to lower his pitch. The Chief Justice emphasized that such behavior is unacceptable and requested the lawyer to show respect towards the court.

This is not the first time Chief Justice Chandrachud has taken action to maintain decorum in the courtroom. Last year, he noticed a lawyer chatting on his cellphone during proceedings and questioned whether the court was a market where one can freely engage in phone conversations. He instructed the court staff to confiscate the phone.

The Chief Justice’s dedication to upholding decorum and professionalism in the court is evident in his consistent efforts to ensure that lawyers conduct themselves appropriately. He aims to create an environment of respect and dignity within the judicial system, setting an example for all involved parties.

As of now, we are awaiting a response to load on this matter.

In a recent incident demonstrating the importance of courtroom decorum, a lawyer found himself receiving a valuable lesson from the Chief Justice. During a court session, the lawyer spoke out of turn, violating the established rules of conduct. In response, the Chief Justice swiftly intervened, reminding the lawyer of the significance of maintaining decorum in the courtroom. This incident serves as a reminder to all legal professionals of the necessity to uphold proper conduct during legal proceedings, ensuring the fair and orderly administration of justice.

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