Girls in Mumbai have been caught on video ringing apartment bells and locking doors, sparking concerns over a strange TikTok trend.

Video Shows Girls Ringing Apartment Bells, Locking Doors In Mumbai. Internet Links It To Bizarre TikTok Trend

Shresht Poddar wrote that the incident occurred at 2:30 am when most of the residents were asleep

In a disturbing incident in Mumbai, Maharashtra, two young girls have caused trouble for the residents of a residential apartment by locking the doors from outside and ringing the doorbells in the middle of the night. A video of their act has gone viral on the internet.

The girls’ behavior appears to be inspired by a prank called the “Door Knock” trend, which encourages teenagers to disturb others by banging on doors late at night.

Shresht Poddar, who shared the CCTV footage of the incident on social media, stated that the incident took place at 2:30 am when most residents were asleep. He also highlighted that the majority of the society’s residents are senior citizens.

Poddar expressed concern about the safety of the residents, mentioning previous incidents of robbery attempts and murders in the area. He emphasized that the residents have had to deal with various security issues in the past, including fires and other criminal activities.

Describing the incident, Poddar mentioned that the loud disturbance frightened him and his mother, especially since the CCTV was offline at the time. After fixing the CCTV in the morning, Poddar discovered that the two girls, seemingly intoxicated, had been recorded by the camera while attempting to latch doors and ringing doorbells.

Poddar expressed his desire to report the incident and urged anyone with information about the girls to come forward. He also shared his concern about the girls’ apparent pride in their actions, despite being aware of the presence of security cameras.

The post, which has garnered over 100,000 views, has received mixed reactions from social media users. Some users expressed concern for the safety of the residents, suggesting the need for reporting and prevention measures. Others commented on the girls’ behavior, noting that it is part of a prank trend called “Ding Dong Ditch” and criticizing their actions.

Overall, this incident has raised alarm and highlighted the need for increased security and awareness in residential areas, particularly for vulnerable populations such as senior citizens.

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In a bizarre incident captured on video in Mumbai, a group of girls were seen ringing apartment bells and locking doors as part of a TikTok trend. The video, which quickly went viral on the internet, shows the girls engaging in this disruptive behavior for entertainment purposes. Many viewers expressed concern over the potential dangers and inconvenience caused by such acts. This incident highlights the need for responsible usage of social media platforms and the importance of understanding the consequences of viral trends.

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