Man gets SUV stuck on stairs using Google Maps for quickest route

A man’s car journey back from a hill town in southern India took an unexpected turn when he relied on Google Maps for the fastest route back to his destination in Karnataka. After spending a relaxing long weekend in Gudalur, a hill town in Tamil Nadu, the man set off on his return journey, following the directions from Google Maps. However, the fastest route suggested by the app led him to a flight of stairs, causing his Toyota Fortuner to get stuck. Local residents and the police came to his aid and created a makeshift ramp using bricks, allowing the man to safely maneuver his SUV off the stairs and back onto the road.

This incident is not an isolated one, as similar incidents have occurred in the past. In the United States, Google Maps faced criticism when drivers were led onto dangerous desert road detours. Apologizing for the inconvenience caused, Google acknowledged the need for improvements in their mapping system to ensure such incidents are avoided in the future.

It is essential for drivers to exercise caution and use their judgment while relying on navigation apps like Google Maps. While these apps provide valuable assistance in finding routes, it is important to cross-verify the suggested paths and consider alternative options, especially in unfamiliar or potentially risky terrains.

A recent incident involving a Fortuner SUV highlights the potential dangers of relying solely on navigation apps. In an attempt to find the fastest route, a man followed Google Maps’ directions and ended up driving onto a flight of stairs instead. The SUV became stuck, causing inconvenience and potential damage. This incident serves as a reminder for users to exercise caution and common sense when using navigation apps, always double-checking routes and using personal judgment to avoid such mishaps.

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