Poet collapses on stage, dies while reciting.

A 68-year-old man tragically collapsed and died while reciting poetry at the Pantnagar Poetry Festival in Uttarakhand. The incident occurred in the Pantnagar area of Udhamsinghnagar district on Sunday. The poet’s final lines, spoken before his collapse, showcased his dedication to honoring soldiers and the unity of humanity. A video capturing the incident has since circulated widely. Organizers rushed the poet to Pantnagar hospital, from where he was later transferred to the district hospital. Sadly, he was declared dead upon arrival. The poet’s family conducted his cremation in Mathura. The Rudrapur Superintendent of Police City, Manoj Katyal, acknowledged the incident and assured an ongoing investigation.

In a tragic incident, a man collapsed on stage while reciting poetry and subsequently lost his life. The incident occurred during a poetry recital event, leaving the audience in shock and disbelief. Despite immediate medical attention, the man could not be revived. The cause of his collapse remains unknown at this time. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends as they cope with this devastating loss.

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