Rajinikanth supports daughter Aishwarya amidst “Sanghi” controversy.

Superstar Rajinikanth has defended his daughter, Aishwarya, over her recent remarks about the term ‘Sanghi.’ Rajinikanth clarified that his daughter did not consider it a ‘bad word’ but rather expressed her belief that he is a spiritual person. He explained that Aishwarya had stated, “Dad is a spiritual person who loves all religions, so why should he be labeled as a Sanghi?” Rajinikanth also dismissed allegations that Aishwarya made the comments to promote her upcoming movie, “Lal Salaam,” in which he stars. The term ‘Sanghi’ is commonly used to describe a supporter or activist of the Right wing. Aishwarya’s remarks on the matter had sparked considerable debate in various circles.

Superstar Rajinikanth recently came forward to defend his daughter, Aishwarya Rajinikanth, over a controversial “Sanghi” remark made by a Tamil director. The director had accused Aishwarya of being influenced by right-wing ideologies. Rajinikanth, known for his strong political stance, firmly supported his daughter and stated that she had the freedom to express her opinions, just like anyone else. He emphasized that labeling someone as “Sanghi” or “Leftist” should not be used as a means to suppress their individuality or freedom of expression. Rajinikanth’s defense of his daughter shows his unwavering support for her and his belief in the importance of respecting diverse viewpoints.

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