Strategist Prashant Kishor’s response to Nitish Kumar’s recent flip-flop.

In a scathing critique of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, poll strategist Prashant Kishor has labeled him a “paltumaar” (one who keeps shifting his stand) and accused him of engaging in political flip-flops. Kishor, who now heads the Jan Suraj organization and may support certain candidates in the upcoming Bihar election, did not spare the BJP either, pointing out that its leaders, who were previously critical of Kumar, are now welcoming him.

Kishor’s remarks come in the wake of Kumar’s resignation as Chief Minister and his decision to form a new alliance with the BJP, ending his alliance with the RJD and Congress. The poll strategist, who briefly joined the JDU in 2018 but was later expelled for criticizing the party’s support of the Citizenship Amendment Act, also predicted that the newly formed alliance would not last until the assembly polls. He accused both the BJP and RJD of being as much “paltumaars” as Kumar.

Kishor claimed that the BJP and Congress had aligned with unpopular regional leaders for their own gains at the central level, drawing a parallel between the current situation and the time when the Congress aligned with RJD supremo Lalu Prasad. He highlighted the hypocrisy of the BJP, which was previously adamant that its doors were closed to Kumar, now hailing him as a symbol of good governance.

The developments in Bihar, according to Kishor, demonstrate that Kumar has influenced the state’s politics and that corruption continues to prevail. He concluded by stating that the world already knows that Kumar is a “paltumaar” and that it is no longer a topic worth discussing.

Kumar is expected to be sworn in as Chief Minister for the ninth time, with eight ministers from the BJP also taking office. However, Kishor’s prediction suggests that the new alliance may not survive beyond the Lok Sabha polls and could fall apart within a few months.

Strategist Prashant Kishor’s reaction to Nitish Kumar’s latest flip-flop has been critical and straightforward. Kishor, who was a key advisor to Kumar during the Bihar elections, expressed his disappointment with the Chief Minister’s inconsistent stance. Kumar initially supported the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) but later backtracked, claiming he had never supported it. Kishor took to social media to call out Kumar’s flip-flopping, stating that it was not only a betrayal of the trust put in him but also a reflection of opportunistic politics. Kishor’s reaction highlights the growing tension and differences within the political alliance in Bihar.

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