Biden camp posts graphic with Trump pictured next to Hitler

“This is not a coincidence,” the Biden campaign tweeted.

Comparing a political opponent to Hitler was once nearly verboten in political campaigns. But it has become routine for the Biden operation, which notes that historians themselves have said
Trump’s rhetoric echoes
that of fascist leaders. The Biden campaign has linked Trump’s statements to Hitler multiple times in the past few weeks and has urged reporters to more closely scrutinize the former president’s speeches, particularly around immigration.

Trump has scoffed at the comparison. But he has not backed away from his comments. At a rally on Tuesday,
he once again said
immigrants are “destroying the blood of our country” and added that he had “never read ‘Mein Kampf” — Hitler’s manifesto.

The Biden camp didn’t let that slide. “Probably the audiobook then,” responded spokesman TJ Ducklo,
over X


Although Biden has been more cautious to draw a flat out comparison between Trump and Hitler in his public remarks, he has inched closer to doing so in recent days.

At a fundraiser
Tuesday night

, Biden said that the language Trump uses “reminds us of the language coming out of Germany in the ‘30s.”

“He has called those who oppose him ‘vermin.’ And, again, this weekend, he talked about ‘the blood of our country’ is being poisoned. Even conservative Republicans have spoken out against it,” Biden said.

The Biden campaign has tweeted a graphic that compares former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, stating that it is not a coincidence. This move by the Biden camp is part of a larger trend in which they have repeatedly linked Trump’s rhetoric to that of fascist leaders, urging reporters to scrutinize his speeches, particularly on immigration. Trump has dismissed the comparison but has not distanced himself from his comments, including his recent statement that immigrants are “destroying the blood of our country.” In response, a Biden campaign spokesman sarcastically suggested that Trump may have listened to an audiobook version of Hitler’s manifesto. While President Joe Biden has been cautious in directly comparing Trump to Hitler, he has recently remarked that Trump’s language reminds him of the language used in 1930s Germany. This latest development highlights the ongoing animosity between the Biden and Trump camps, with the Biden campaign making bold assertions about Trump’s rhetoric and drawing attention to his divisive statements.


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