Christie slams Trump’s remarks on Putin, immigrants, says he’s getting crazier.

Trump pulled inspiration from Putin during a rally in Durham, New Hampshire, on Saturday, quoting the Russian leader saying that the indictments against Trump undercut the United States’ position on the world stage as an exemplar of democracy. The former president also told the crowd that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” as a deal over border security hangs in the balance in Congress.

“He’s disgusting,” Christie said. “And what he’s doing is dog-whistling to Americans who feel absolutely under stress and strain from the economy and from the conflicts around the world.”

It wasn’t just Trump who Christie criticized Sunday. He also slammed the members of Congress who have endorsed Trump in his attempt to retake the White House, and he knocked former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for saying that Trump is still fit to serve.

“You’re telling me that someone who says that immigrants are poisoning the blood of this country, someone who says Vladimir Putin is a character witness is fit to be president of the United States, was the right president at the right time? Nikki Haley should be ashamed of herself,” Christie said.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie criticized former President Donald Trump for quoting Russian leader Vladimir Putin and making derogatory remarks about immigrants during a rally in New Hampshire. Christie called Trump’s actions “disgusting” and accused him of dog-whistling to Americans who are facing economic and global conflicts. Christie also criticized members of Congress who endorsed Trump’s bid for the presidency and slammed former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for supporting Trump despite his controversial statements. Christie said Haley should be ashamed of herself for endorsing a candidate who made derogatory remarks about immigrants and praised Putin.

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