Revise Google’s algorithms to limit election-related inquiries originating from Bard

Google Shifts Focus towards Responsible AI Usage in Political Contexts

As the world’s attention remains fixed on the US election, other nations like India and South Africa are also gearing up for crucial national elections in 2024. In light of this, Google is redirecting its efforts towards exploring the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on these elections. This shift signifies a move towards more responsible usage of AI in political contexts.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has already taken a proactive stance in this regard. It recently implemented measures to prevent political campaigns and advertisers in regulated industries from utilizing its new generative AI advertising products. This decision is part of Meta’s broader initiative to promote transparency and accountability in digital advertising.

On the contrary, Elon Musk’s social media platform X announced a policy change in August. It now permits political advertising in the United States from candidates and political parties, reversing its global ban on political ads since 2019. X is also planning to strengthen its safety and elections team in anticipation of the upcoming US election.

These developments come at a time when governments worldwide are grappling with the regulation of AI, with the spread of misinformation posing a significant concern. The European Union (EU) has taken the lead in this area by introducing rules that mandate clear labeling of political advertising by Big Tech firms. These rules include disclosure of funding sources, expenditure details, and targeted elections. These measures are crucial steps towards ensuring transparency and fairness in the digital landscape, particularly as nations prepare for major elections.

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Google has announced that it will be limiting certain election-related queries from appearing in its search results. This decision, aimed at combating misinformation and ensuring the accuracy of information, will restrict the visibility of content from Bard, a website known for spreading false claims about the election. By implementing this measure, Google aims to provide users with reliable and trustworthy information during the critical election period.

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