Rudy Giuliani Declares Bankruptcy Shortly After Receiving $148 Million Defamation Case Judgment Order

The previous mayor of New York City has disclosed financial liabilities totaling almost $153 million, encompassing both current debts and potential financial obligations. This sum includes substantial tax dues, legal fees owed to attorneys, and a multitude of anticipated legal settlements from various lawsuits.

Among these financial concerns, the most significant is a recent court order to pay $148 million for disseminating false information about election workers in Georgia, an incident that traces back to the 2020 presidential election.

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has filed for bankruptcy following a court order to pay $148 million in a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought against Giuliani due to statements he made that were deemed defamatory. As a result of the financial burden imposed by the court’s ruling, Giuliani sought relief by filing for bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy proceedings typically allow individuals or entities to reorganize their debts and create a plan to pay back creditors over time, or in some cases, to discharge certain debts entirely. The specifics of Giuliani’s bankruptcy filing, including the chapter under which he filed and the proposed plan to deal with his debts, are part of the public record associated with the bankruptcy case.

The defamation case is one of several legal challenges Giuliani has faced in recent years, which have contributed to his financial strain. The bankruptcy filing is a significant development in the ongoing saga of Giuliani’s legal and financial troubles, and it will likely have implications for the payment of the defamation judgment as well as for his other creditors.

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