What Reece James did to Djordje Petrovic before Chelsea vs Newcastle Carabao Cup penalty heroics

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Chelsea news as the Blues captain clearly had an effect on the young goalkeeper before he made himself the hero at Stamford Bridge last night

In the recent Chelsea news, the Blues captain, who is not explicitly mentioned, seemed to have a significant impact on the young goalkeeper before he became the hero in the Carabao Cup match against Newcastle at Stamford Bridge. However, specific details about this captain’s influence are not provided in the given sentence.

Additionally, Reece James, the Chelsea player, did something to Djordje Petrovic before the same match, where he later became the hero in the penalty shootout. The exact nature of this action is not mentioned in the given statement.

Regarding the current context, it is important to note that the provided information is insufficient to determine the specific events and context surrounding the mentioned match and the involvement of the Chelsea captain and Reece James. Therefore, further details are required to provide a more comprehensive and accurate summary.

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