Why Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd are blocked from Super League despite court ruling

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Arsenal and Chelsea news as both clubs are set to be automatically blocked from joining any type of revived Super League project

In recent news, it has been reported that both Arsenal and Chelsea are set to be automatically blocked from participating in any potential revival of the Super League. This development comes amidst the aftermath of the failed breakaway attempt by twelve major football clubs, including Arsenal and Chelsea, to form a European Super League.

The failed Super League project, announced in April 2021, faced widespread backlash from fans, players, football authorities, and even governments. The proposed league aimed to create a closed competition, disregarding the established pyramid system of football and threatening the integrity of domestic leagues.

Following the initial announcement, the backlash prompted all six English clubs involved, including Arsenal and Chelsea, to withdraw from the project. However, despite their withdrawals, the repercussions continue to unfold.

In a recent court ruling, it was determined that the Premier League clubs involved in the Super League breakaway attempt, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United, would face consequences for their involvement. The Premier League, in collaboration with the Football Association (FA), has decided to take disciplinary action against these clubs.

The disciplinary measures include fines and potential points deductions for any future breach of similar scale. Moreover, the clubs have agreed to contribute a combined £22 million to grassroots football initiatives and face potential penalties if they attempt to join any type of revived Super League project.

These measures aim to send a strong message to the clubs involved and to deter any future attempts to undermine the existing football structure. The court ruling and subsequent actions by the Premier League and FA demonstrate a collective effort to safeguard the integrity of football and prioritize the interests of fans, domestic leagues, and the football pyramid system.

In conclusion, the recent news states that Arsenal and Chelsea will be automatically blocked from participating in any potential revived Super League project. This decision is a consequence of their involvement in the failed breakaway attempt earlier this year. The disciplinary measures against these clubs, along with Liverpool and Manchester United, highlight the determination of football authorities to prevent any future threats to the established football structure.

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