Former England captain offers advice to Ben Stokes on how to handle Jasprit Bumrah.


Former England captain Michael Atherton has praised Jasprit Bumrah for his exceptional bowling skills that have unsettled even the most accomplished batsmen. Atherton specifically highlighted Bumrah’s ability to vary his bowling variations and deliver lethal yorkers, making him a formidable challenge for batsmen like Ben Stokes and Joe Root.

Speaking on Sky Cricket, Atherton pointed out Stokes’ difficulty in picking up the pace of Bumrah’s deliveries, attributing his dismissals to the speed and variation in the bowler’s arsenal. Atherton also emphasized Bumrah’s precision in delivering yorkers, leaving batsmen with little room to maneuver.

Atherton’s analysis extended to Joe Root, noting that Root’s pre-movements could be a potential weakness against Bumrah’s unpredictable deliveries. In contrast, Atherton praised Zak Crawley’s more static stance, which proved effective against Bumrah in the second Test.

As India and England gear up for the third Test in Rajkot, Atherton’s insights shed light on the challenges posed by Bumrah’s bowling prowess. With Bumrah’s ability to exploit even the slightest vulnerabilities in the opposition’s batting lineup, England faces an uphill battle as they seek to overcome the Indian pace sensation.

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Former England captain Michael Atherton has praised Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah for his exceptional skills in unsettling even the most accomplished batsmen with his diverse bowling variations and lethal yorkers. Atherton highlighted Bumrah’s ability to trouble England’s star all-rounder Ben Stokes, who has struggled to pick up the pace and bounce of Bumrah’s deliveries. Atherton also analyzed Bumrah’s success against Joe Root, pointing out Root’s pre-movements as a potential weakness. With Bumrah’s ability to exploit vulnerabilities in the opposition’s batting lineup, England faces a tough challenge in the ongoing Test series against India.

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