Broncos’ Sean Payton downplays sideline incident with Russell Wilson: We have a ‘great relationship’

Denver Broncos Sean Payton continues to field questions about his relationship with Russell Wilson, following the head coach’s emotional sideline moment with his quarterback. Payton has dismissed that the exchange means there are any issues between him and Wilson.

During the third-quarter, of the Broncos 42-17 loss to the Detroit Lions on Saturday, and offsides call negated what would have been a touchdown. The Broncos were down 28-7 at this point, and needed touchdowns, not field goals, to give them any sort of a chance.

When Wilson went to the sideline following the missed opportunity, he was greeted by an unhappy Payton. While it is unclear exactly what Payton said, it was relatively obvious that whatever was said was not positive.

Payton originally told the media “What I talk with Russell about is none of your business,” when asked about what happened, but has since given slightly more insight.

“Nothing more to share,” Payton said when asked about it again (via “It certainly, you know, in-game intensity, heat of the moment, all of those things. But nothing more to add.”

For those wondering if Saturday’s sideline exchange means he does not gets along well with Wilson, Payton noted that he has a “great relationship” with No. 3.

Payton said he did not discuss anything further with Wilson or the team because he does not feel there is anything to discuss and the team has not had a meeting since the game.

Wilson did not appear to say anything during Payton’s moment of frustration and it was certainly a frustrating way to end the drive.

Jaleel McLaughlin caught a pass from Wilson and seemed like he broke the plane, but he was called just short on second down. Payton didn’t challenge and on third down Javonte Williams caught a pass and was tackled by the goal line. 

On fourth down the Broncos finally made it in the end zone thanks to fullback Michael Burton, but it was called back and Denver was pushed back five yards due to an offsides penalty by right guard Quinn Meinerz. The Broncos ended up settling for a field goal, making it 28-10. 

Payton admitted that the drive paired with their need for a trip to the end zone was calls for his frustrations.

“The anger and frustration in that sequence comes from the fourth-down call and the touchdown then was later called a penalty,” Payton said. “And now we’re sitting at fourth-and-call-it-6 instead of fourth-and-half-a yard. We’re trying to get within two scores, it’s an important sequence relative to the game of trying to climb back in it.”

The situation has led many to wonder whether Payton and Wilson’s relationship is on the rocks and if this will impact the QBs future in the Mile High City, but Wilson has echoed Payton’s comments that things are just fine in Denver. 

Wilson said “of course” he still believes that Payton has faith in him.

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton has addressed questions about his relationship with quarterback Russell Wilson after a sideline exchange during the team’s loss to the Detroit Lions. Payton dismissed any issues between him and Wilson and stated that they have a “great relationship.” The exchange occurred after an offsides call negated a potential touchdown, frustrating Payton. Despite speculation about their relationship, both Payton and Wilson have insisted that everything is fine between them.

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