Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claims ‘weather’ was a factor in Dallas’ blowout loss to Bills

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There isn’t a sports team owner anywhere in the world who has more to say than Jerry Jones. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys since 1989, Jones speaks to the media after every game, and also a weekly radio appearance on a local station in Dallas, win or lose. 

The Cowboys are of course coming off an embarrassing 31-10 loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday — the second time this season they have gone on the road for a big game and gotten blown off the field by a quality opponent (they lost 42-10 to the 49ers in Week 5).

Jerry had much to say about the game, the team, and the season in general, but he apparently just could not resist getting into the excuse-making game. According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, Jones cited “weather” as one of the factors in his team’s decisive defeat. 

The weather during Sunday’s game was unremarkable, and early on during the FOX broadcast of the game the announcers even noted how the Cowboys had lucked out with an unseasonably warm day and far less rain than had been expected for the contest. Not only that, but the Bills played the game in the exact same weather as did the Cowboys. 

It seems far more likely that allowing the Bills to run all over them for 266 yards on the ground, their inability to generate explosive gains offensively, conservative play-calling and coaching in key situations, an absurd number of personal foul penalties, and their lack of resilience when falling behind by one or multiple scores were much bigger factors in Dallas’ loss. That doesn’t mean the weather played no role, but when you get as soundly outplayed as the Cowboys did, it’s simply not even worth mentioning. 

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, made excuses for his team’s embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills, citing “weather” as a factor. However, the weather during the game was unremarkable and the Bills played in the same conditions. The article argues that other factors, such as the Cowboys’ poor performance and coaching decisions, were more significant in their defeat.

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