Giants’ Tommy DeVito makes pizzeria appearance for free amid rumors QB’s agent doubled his fee

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Tommy DeVito’s newfound fame has gotten him into a little hot water with a New Jersey pizza joint. Coniglio’s Old Fashioned pizzeria claims DeVito’s agent hiked up the price of a two-hour visit after the New York Giants’ win over the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football.

On Monday, Coniglio’s Old Fashioned posted on Instagram that DeVito would no longer be appearing at the restaurant for an autograph signing after his agent, Sean Stellato, increased the fee from $10,000 to $20,000. The pizzeria said it couldn’t afford to host DeVito at that price, so the event was canceled.

“After last week’s win we received word from his agent that his appearance fee would be doubling (went from 10k to 20); We are a small family run business & decided $20,000 was a bit steep for 2 hours,” the pizzeria wrote in the post.

Stellato did dispute the allegation of a last-minute price increase, telling The Action Network’s Darren Rovell that there was never a formal agreement between the two parties.

“It’s a shame that the restaurant promoted that they would have Tommy when we didn’t have a signed contract,” Stellato wrote in a text. “We didn’t raise the price because nothing was ever agreed to.”

Nino Coniglio, the owner of the pizzeria, fired back with a screenshot of messages with Stellato. In the screenshots Coniglio sent to Rovell, it appears there was at least a tentative agreement at $10,000 for DeVito’s visit.

Ultimately, DeVito himself would be the one to resolve the dispute. After an appearance at Bubbakoo’s Burritos on Tuesday, DeVito showed up at Coniglios — on his own and unpaid — to make old-fashioned sodas and patch things up between the two sides.

Following Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, the drama with Coniglio’s might be the least of DeVito’s problems. He got sacked seven times in a 24-6 loss, and now the Giants will have to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day.

Tommy DeVito, a player for the New York Giants, found himself in a dispute with a New Jersey pizza joint after his agent allegedly increased the fee for a scheduled autograph signing. Coniglio’s Old Fashioned pizzeria claimed that DeVito’s agent raised the price from $10,000 to $20,000, leading them to cancel the event. However, the agent disputed the allegation, stating that there was never a formal agreement. The owner of the pizzeria then provided screenshots of messages with the agent that seemed to show a tentative agreement at $10,000. Ultimately, DeVito resolved the dispute by showing up at the pizzeria on his own and unpaid to make amends. The article also mentions that DeVito’s team, the Giants, suffered a loss in their most recent game.

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