NFL best dressed in Week 15: A look at the pregame outfits that shined the brightest

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Somehow, after this weekend we have just three weeks left of the NFL regular season. With the playoffs approaching, wins have never been more important and players are making their final cases before many of their seasons will be over.

Not only do players have to bring their ‘A’ game to the final games of the season on the field, but they are bringing their fashion ‘A’ game to the final pregame walks of the 2023 season.

Here are some of the best looks from Week 15:

From the “Pop” chain to the sweatshirt, Pop Douglas brought out all the stops for his outfit ahead of the Chiefs. 

Mike Vrabel is dressed on theme for their Oilers throwback game.

Dressed for the weather and to impress.

Patrick Mahomes went with a formal look with Cheifs’ red accents.

David Njoku on theme for the Browns with the orange jacket.

When you have a game at 1 p.m. and have to go skiing at 4. 

Najee Thompson is in the Christmas spirit.

The article discusses the fashion choices of NFL players during the final weeks of the regular season. It highlights some of the best looks from Week 15, including players like Pop Douglas, Mike Vrabel, Patrick Mahomes, and David Njoku. The article also mentions Najee Thompson’s Christmas-themed outfit. The accompanying images showcase the players’ fashion choices.

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