Rishabh Pant recalls horrific accident, felt his time was up.

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant survived a terrifying car accident on December 30, 2022, while driving his Mercedes SUV from New Delhi to Roorkee. The incident left him with injuries to his head, back, and feet, as well as cuts on his forehead and a ligament tear to his right knee. Pant also suffered injuries to his right wrist, ankle, and toe, along with abrasions to his back. To address his facial injuries, he underwent plastic surgery.

In an interview for Star Sports’ ‘Believe’ series, Pant opened up about the harrowing experience and the resilience that propelled him towards recovery. He vividly recounted the chilling moments of the near-fatal accident, expressing gratitude for his survival. Pant mentioned that he felt like his time in this world was up during the accident but acknowledged that he was lucky it wasn’t more serious. He shared his determination to work hard and shorten the expected recovery time of 16-18 months.

Now, over a year after the accident, Pant has made a remarkable recovery and is expected to return to action soon. His journey from despair to success serves as an inspiration to millions, and fans across the country eagerly await his comeback to the cricket field.

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Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant recently shared his harrowing experience of a near-fatal car accident in December 2022. While driving from New Delhi to Roorkee, Pant’s Mercedes SUV suddenly caught fire, causing injuries to his head, back, feet, knee, wrist, ankle, and toe. He also underwent plastic surgery to address facial injuries. Pant expressed gratitude for surviving the accident and spoke about his determination to recover quickly. After more than a year, Pant has now recovered and is expected to make a comeback to cricket soon. His journey from despair to success serves as an inspiration to many, and fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the field.

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