Google Pixel 9 may pack advanced AI assistant ‘Pixie’; will track your Gmail, Google Maps data

Google released the Google Pixel 8 this year with great anticipation, now it is gearing up already for the launch of the Google Pixel 9 series in 2024. Various speculations and rumors have started to surface on the internet about the AI capabilities of Google Pixel 9. The latest buzz suggests a groundbreaking addition to the Google Pixel 9: a Pixel-exclusive AI assistant known as Pixie. Reports suggest that Google will introduce this exciting AI assistant to its upcoming models. Know all about the Google Pixel 9 AI assistant below.

Google Pixel 9 AI assistant -Pixie

A report by The Information, via The Engadget, reveals that Pixie is expected to surpass the capabilities of the current Google Assistant, offering users a personalized experience. This AI assistant is rumored to be powered by Gemini Nano. Notably, Google has recently introduced Gemini AI to compete with ChatGPT. Google claims that it is the most capable model they have ever built. Google announced that this new AI model has been integrated into Android via Nano. It is also expected that Google Pixel 9 Pixie will perform complex and multimodal tasks including innovative functions like providing directions to the nearest market where users can purchase a product that they may have snapped an image of.

Where will Google get data to power Google Pixel 9 Pixie?

It is anticipated that the Pixie is designed to seamlessly integrate data from various Google products and services, such as Gmail and Google Maps, to deliver highly personalized assistance. This will allow it to evolve into a tailored version of Google Assistant, meeting individual user needs in a much better way than earlier.

The report suggests that Google intends to expand Pixie’s availability beyond the flagship Google Pixel 9 series. The plan is to make it accessible on lower-end phones and other devices like wearables. However, it remains uncertain whether Pixie will be made available for existing smartphones or exclusive to future Google products.

Google Pixel 9 speculations

According to a report by Android Authority, the Google Pixel 9 series is expected to be equipped with Tensor G4 SoCs with a code name of Zuma Pro. It is also expected that the Google Pixel 9 series will come with the exclusive Qi2 wireless charging technology.

Please note that this information is based on speculation, Google has not revealed anything officially as of now.

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