Crypto founder describes time in Singapore jail as enjoyable experience

Zhu Su, the co-founder of the failed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, recently spoke about his time in a Singapore prison, calling it an “enjoyable experience.” According to the South China Morning Post, Su served three months for noncooperation with liquidators and was released last month.

In an upcoming podcast interview, Su reflected on his time behind bars, claiming that he had the “best sleep” of his life while serving the sentence. He even went on to say that everyone should spend time in prison at least once, although he did not highly recommend it.

During his imprisonment, Su was able to catch up on his reading, exercise regularly, and was provided with three daily meals and fruit servings. The lack of internet time, alcohol, and caffeine helped him fall asleep immediately when the lights were turned off at night.

Su mentioned that he had to sleep on the floor since no bed was provided, but he compared it to a Japanese tatami mat and said it was beneficial for decompressing his spine. As he adjusted to prison life, he described experiencing a “magical feeling” and a sense of kinship with his ancestors.

It is worth noting that Su’s firm, Three Arrows Capital, collapsed in July 2022 after defaulting on a $667 million loan. He was arrested in Singapore for failing to cooperate with investigations into the collapse of his crypto hedge fund. Initially sentenced to four months in prison, Su was released early for good behavior.

His statements have sparked mixed responses online, with some sarcastically commenting on his need to go to prison to find a connection with his ancestors and others questioning whether he would have the same perspective in a Third World prison.

Overall, Su’s unconventional view of his prison experience has generated attention and discussion within the crypto community.

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