Taylor Swift’s searchability on X platform has been disabled due to the circulation of viral deepfake photos.

Taylor Swift Un-Searchable On X After Viral Deepfake Photos

Taylor Swift is considering taking legal action against the platform that posted the deepfake images, according to sources (File)

New Delhi:

Following the circulation of AI-generated viral deepfake images of Taylor Swift, users attempting to search for the pop sensation on X (formerly Twitter) encountered an error message. The search function on X only displayed results for Ms. Swift under its “Media” and “List” tabs.

According to a report by CNN, Taylor Swift remained searchable on X using several Boolean operators. When users input “Taylor Swift” within quotation marks or “Taylor AND Swift” in the search function, normal search results were generated.

Instagram and Reddit did not experience this search function error, the report further noted.

This incident occurred after sexually inappropriate and offensive AI-generated images of the American singer went viral on the internet on Thursday.

As reported by Newsweek, one of the AI-generated images depicts the singer in an explicit pose during a Kansas City Chiefs game. It is worth mentioning that Taylor Swift has attended several NFL matches this season as she is dating American footballer Travis Kelce.

The report also revealed that these images originated from an AI celebrity porn website on January 15. Since then, numerous fans have expressed their support for Ms. Swift on social media.

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, addressed the incident, stating, “We are concerned about the circulation of false images. We will take action to address this issue,” as quoted in a Bloomberg report on Friday.

The sexually explicit images of the pop sensation quickly spread across the internet. According to the news agency AFP, one of the images garnered 47 million views on X before being removed. The post remained on the platform for approximately 17 hours.

A source close to the hitmaker of “Blank Space” revealed that Taylor Swift is furious and considering potential legal action against the website responsible for the deepfakes.

The source stated, “The decision to take legal action is still being considered, but one thing is certain: these fake AI-generated images are abusive, offensive, exploitative, and have been created without Taylor’s consent or knowledge. This issue needs to be addressed, and legislation should be enacted to prevent such incidents.”

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