US promises significant response to Jordan drone strike resulting in 3 casualties.

The White House has promised a significant response to the drone attack on a Jordanian base that resulted in the deaths of three American troops. President Joe Biden has attributed the attack to Iran-backed militants and stated that the US will hold those responsible accountable. However, the National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, made it clear that the US does not seek a wider conflict in the Middle East and is not looking for war with Iran. Meanwhile, Iran has denied any involvement in the attack and rejected the accusations as baseless.

The attack on the remote frontier base in Jordan has raised concerns about an escalating conflict, especially as fighting continues in Gaza. The US response is expected to be consequential, but the specific options being considered, including potential targets inside Iran, have not been disclosed. Washington aims to unequivocally convey that such attacks by Iran-backed militants in the region are unacceptable.

No group has claimed responsibility for the strike, although the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has asserted its involvement in launching three drone attacks near the Jordanian border. This alliance of Iran-linked armed groups opposes US support for Israel in the Gaza conflict and aims to remove US forces from Iraq.

The recent violence in the Middle East presents a challenge for President Biden, particularly in an election year. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in numerous casualties, with anger and violence spreading throughout the region, involving Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, as well as Yemen. The United States and its allies have also targeted Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels in response to their attacks on Red Sea shipping in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

The situation remains tense, and the US is waiting for a response to unfold.

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