BJP Targets Congress Donation Drive Using This 80s Movie Clip

BJP Targets Congress Donation Drive Using This 80s Movie Clip

The scene from the 1984 movie ‘Inquilaab’ featured suitcases filled with cash.

New Delhi:

The BJP today used a movie clip from the eighties to target the Congress over their donation drive for the upcoming elections. The jibe seeks to link their need for crowdfunding with hundreds of crores seized from one of its parliamentarians.

The clip from the 1984 movie ‘Inquilaab’ featured a conversation between two characters over using black money to buy votes and passing it on as donation by well-wishers.

The scene, starring superstar Amitabh Bachchan and renowned actor Kader Khan, featured suitcases filled with cash – which the BJP used as a reference to the cash seizures from the Congress MP.

“The story and characters in this clip are not imaginary. Resemblance with Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu’s party’s call to seek crowdfunding is intended,” the BJP wrote while sharing the video on X, formerly Twitter.

Mr Sahu is a Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand.

The Income Tax department recently raided a firm and entities owned by him in Odisha and Jharkhand, and made a recovery of over Rs 350 crore in cash. This marked the largest single seizure ever made by an investigative agency in India.

Mr Sahu has said that his family handles the business and the money recovered during the searches was not directly his.

The BJP has been targeting the Congress over the seizure, alleging the seized money might have been meant for use in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The Congress is set to launch their nationwide ‘Donate for Desh’ crowdfunding campaign on Monday to generate resources ahead of the 2024 elections.

Senior party leader KC Venugopal said the initiative was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Tilak Swaraj Fund’, launched back in 1920-21.

The move drew criticism from the BJP, which alleged it is “another attempt to siphon off public money and enrich the Gandhis”.

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