Delhi High Court: Witnessing Wife Assume Widow’s Role Most Distressing for Man

In a recent ruling, the Delhi High Court stated that there is nothing more distressing for a man than to witness his wife behaving like a widow while he is still alive. The court deemed such conduct as “extreme cruelty” and emphasized that it can severely strain a marital relationship. The judgment came as the court dismissed a woman’s appeal against a family court’s decision to grant divorce to her husband on the grounds of her cruel behavior.

The court acknowledged that the foundation of any matrimonial relationship lies in cohabitation and conjugal relations. It highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship between spouses. The couple involved in the case had married in April 2009 and had a daughter in October 2011. However, a few days before the birth of their child, the woman left her matrimonial home.

The husband filed for divorce, alleging that his wife had always been indifferent towards him and neglected her responsibilities as a wife. He claimed that she refused to perform household chores, leading his father to take on those tasks. The wife, on the other hand, denied these allegations and argued that her husband encouraged her to go to her parental home, from where she returned after three days. She also denied staying away from her matrimonial home for 147 days.

The court took note of specific incidents presented by the husband, including an incident where the wife refused to keep a fast on “karwachauth” because he had not recharged her mobile phone. The court considered this behavior as a rejection of their matrimonial relationship. It clarified that not fasting on “karwachauth” may not be considered cruelty in itself, but when combined with the wife’s overall conduct, it reinforced the conclusion that she had no respect for her husband or their marriage.

The bench concluded that the evidence presented proved that there was no chance of reconciliation between the couple. Their relationship had deteriorated to a point where there was a complete loss of faith, trust, understanding, love, and affection. The court deemed any insistence on continuing the marriage as perpetuating further cruelty upon both parties.

This ruling by the Delhi High Court serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship within a marriage. It emphasizes that acts of cruelty, such as behaving like a widow while one’s spouse is alive, can have severe consequences and may lead to the dissolution of the marriage.,

The Delhi High Court recently addressed a significant issue, highlighting the distressing situation wherein a man witnesses his wife impersonate a widow. The court acknowledged that there is nothing more harrowing for a man than being subjected to such a deceitful act by his spouse. This ruling sheds light on the emotional turmoil faced by individuals in such situations and emphasizes the need for empathy and fairness in resolving such disputes.


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