“Here’s How You Spell Luck”: Vivek Ramaswamy’s Formula That Has Worked For Him In Life

'Here's How You Spell Luck': Vivek Ramaswamy's Formula That Has Worked For Him In Life

The 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur revealed that he is campaigning caffeine-free

Indian-American leader and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in a recent interview said that “W-O-R-K” is his magical spelling for luck as he participated in 42 campaign stops in a week, more than any other 2024 candidate. 

Talking about the formula that has worked for Mr Ramaswamy, he told politics/elections/2023/12/16/ramaswamy-team-campaign-events/71937255007/”>USA Today, “Here’s how you spell luck: W-O-R-K. It’s always been a formula that has worked for me in my life be it in my academic background, be it as a student, be it in my career, as a businessman and now on this journey.”

The 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur revealed that he is campaigning caffeine-free, “I am confident that’s going to be the right way to get elected–not being insulated from the people we are representing, but in many ways, being responsive to the people we’re representing,” he told USA TODAY. 

“I would rather spend time with these caucusgoers and Pizza Ranches across the state, rather than being a cloistered mega-donor retreat,” he added.

Mr Ramaswamy, a Yale law school graduate with a net worth of about $630 million, is running his campaign like he’s run his businesses- with very little time off. 

Mr Ramaswamy replied, “I am a Hindu. I won’t fake my identity. Hinduism and Christianity share the same value set in common.” 

He added, “Based on my religious beliefs, I understand that every person is here for a reason and it is our moral obligation to fulfil that reason because God lives within each of us, even though God works through us in various ways, we are all equal.”

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