PM Modi defends action by agencies, says it hit the bull’s eye amidst opposition outcry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the opposition’s outcry over actions taken by central agencies, stating that the crackdown is solely aimed at combating corruption. Speaking in the Lower House of Parliament during a debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address, PM Modi criticized the opposition for their reaction to the agencies’ actions. He remarked, “They express their anger… I understand their pain, and their problem because it has hit the bull’s eye (teer nishane par laga hai). The agencies are taking action against corruption.”

PM Modi highlighted that his government has registered twice as many cases of money laundering compared to previous administrations. He emphasized that during the tenure of the Congress party, investigative agencies were predominantly employed for political purposes. In contrast, his government has confiscated properties worth Rs 1 lakh crore through the Enforcement Directorate (ED), as opposed to the Rs 5,000 crore confiscated during the UPA’s time in power. PM Modi asserted that his administration’s good governance has made it increasingly difficult for middlemen to exploit the poor.

The Prime Minister also spoke about his government’s efforts to alleviate inflation and criticized the Congress party’s handling of the issue. He stated that his administration has successfully kept inflation under control, even during global conflicts and the ongoing pandemic. PM Modi further criticized the Congress party on various fronts, including unemployment, issues related to Other Backward Classes (OBC), dynastic politics, and their approach as the opposition. He quoted former Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to highlight what he perceived as the Congress party’s distrust in the capabilities of the Indian people.

In conclusion, PM Modi commended the opposition’s determination to remain in the opposition for an extended period, drawing a parallel to their previous lengthy tenure in government. The ongoing Budget Session, which started on January 31 and will conclude on February 9, witnessed approximately sixty speakers participating in the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address.

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