\”Women Not Given Enough Time To Speak In Parliament\”: BJP MP

(Video Credit: Sansad TV)


The news article titled “
(Video Credit: Sansad TV)” sheds light on a statement made by a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) regarding the limited speaking time given to women in the Indian Parliament. The article highlights the concern raised by the MP, who believes that women parliamentarians are not afforded enough opportunities to express their views and contribute effectively during parliamentary sessions.

The BJP MP expressed her dissatisfaction with the prevailing gender disparity in parliamentary proceedings, asserting that women are often sidelined and their voices go unheard. She emphasized the importance of equal representation and participation of women in shaping legislative decisions and policies. The MP’s remarks were captured during a video broadcast on Sansad TV, which further brought attention to this issue.

Current Context:

The scarcity of speaking time for women parliamentarians has been a subject of ongoing discussion in Indian politics. The lack of representation and participation of women in decision-making processes has been a matter of concern for years. The BJP MP’s statement adds to the growing chorus of voices demanding greater gender equality within the Indian Parliament.

Efforts have been made in recent years to address this gender imbalance. Initiatives such as the Women’s Reservation Bill, which aims to reserve a certain percentage of seats in Parliament for women, have been proposed but have not yet been enacted into law. The issue continues to be a focal point for activists and politicians alike, with calls for increased female representation and empowerment in the political sphere.

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