CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Mother in Ashford fends off raccoon that attacked her daughter

A raccoon in Ashford bit a child, according to an animal control officer. The incident occurred on Fitts Road, and state police were called to assist. The attack was captured on surveillance camera. The 5-year-old victim, Rylee MacNamara, and her mother suffered bite marks and scratches before managing to remove the raccoon. They received rabies shots at the hospital and returned home shortly after. The animal control officer searched for the raccoon in the woods but was unable to find it. The MacNamara family may set traps around their house to catch the raccoon. Rylee and her mother will continue to visit the hospital for additional shots over the next two weeks. They have decided to supervise their children outside for the foreseeable future. Local residents expressed concern about the incident and the presence of wild animals in the area.
A 5-year-old girl named Rylee MacNamara was bitten by a raccoon in Ashford, Connecticut. The incident occurred when Rylee was going out to get on the bus, and the raccoon wrapped its arms around her leg, causing her pain. Rylee’s mother, Logan, managed to yank the raccoon off, but both of them suffered bite marks and scratches in the process. They went to the hospital to receive rabies shots and were back home a few hours later. The raccoon ran off into the woods after being thrown off Rylee’s leg. Animal control officers searched for the raccoon but were unable to find it. The MacNamara family plans to set traps around their house to catch the raccoon. Rylee and Logan will have to return to the hospital every couple of days for the next two weeks to receive more shots. They also mentioned that their children will not be allowed outside alone for the foreseeable future. The incident has raised concerns among neighbors about the proximity of wild animals to their homes.

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