G.O.P. Support Grows for a House Candidate With a Disputed Military Record

J.R. Majewski, a supporter of former President Trump from Ohio, who was abandoned by House Republicans in his previous run for Congress due to discrepancies in his military record, is now running for office again with the support of prominent GOP figures. On Monday, he received endorsements from Senator J.D. Vance and Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose for his Republican primary campaign against Democrat Representative Marcy Kaptur in the Ninth District. This show of support contrasts with the National Republican Congressional Committee’s decision to cancel its ads for Majewski during his previous campaign, which he lost to Kaptur. The committee withdrew support after reports emerged that the Air Force had no record of Majewski serving in Afghanistan, a claim he still maintains despite inconsistencies in his military record. Despite this controversy, Majewski remains a candidate and has garnered endorsements, while his rival Craig Riedel faced backlash after a secret recording was released in which he expressed opposition to Trump. Riedel later endorsed Trump, but the damage was already done, with some Republicans, including Representative Max Miller, withdrawing their support. Riedel accused Representative Matt Gaetz of orchestrating the recording. Trump, who previously endorsed Majewski, praised him at a recent event and is expected to endorse him again. The Republican primary in Ohio’s Ninth District has become a contentious and expensive race, with Steve Lankenau also running. Majewski has emphasized his military service, claiming to have served in Afghanistan, but Air Force records indicate that he was deployed to Qatar in 2002. His military records also show that he was demoted in 2001 for drunk driving. These inconsistencies have raised questions about Majewski’s credibility and his association with the QAnon conspiracy movement. Despite this, Majewski and his supporters continue to claim that he has been “exonerated.”
J.R. Majewski, a Trump supporter from Ohio, is running for Congress again after discrepancies in his military record caused House Republicans to abandon him in the 2022 midterm elections. Despite the previous controversy, Majewski has gained endorsements from notable GOP figures such as Senator J.D. Vance and Ohio’s secretary of state, Frank LaRose. The National Republican Congressional Committee had withdrawn support for Majewski in his previous campaign after it was revealed that the Air Force had no record of his service in Afghanistan. However, Majewski continues to claim that he served in Afghanistan and disputes the reports. In contrast, rival GOP candidate Craig Riedel was caught on a secret recording stating that he did not support former President Donald Trump, leading to backlash from prominent Republicans in Ohio. Riedel later announced his endorsement of Trump, but the damage had already been done. Trump, who endorsed Majewski in 2022, praised him at a recent event and is expected to endorse him again. The Republican primary race in Ohio’s Ninth District has become contentious, with endorsements from various factions of the GOP. Aidan Johnson, a spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, criticized the primary contest as an “ugly and expensive race to the bottom.” Steve Lankenau, a former mayor, is also running in the Republican primary. Majewski has been scrutinized for inconsistencies in his military record and his association with the QAnon conspiracy movement. Despite these controversies, he and his allies continue to claim that he was exonerated and highlight his endorsement from Trump.

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