Sonia Gandhi speaks out against suspension of MPs: ‘Government suffocating democracy’

Sonia Gandhi, the chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party, criticized the government for suspending MPs over a legitimate demand, accusing them of “strangulating democracy.” She also addressed the disappointing results of the recent assembly elections, urging party MPs to turn their disappointment into motivation for next year’s general elections.

During a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party in Parliament’s Central Hall, Gandhi expressed her dissatisfaction with the party’s performance in the assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, describing it as more than just disappointing. She highlighted the need for the party to learn from its poor performance and face the immense challenges ahead with fortitude and resilience. Gandhi emphasized that the party’s ideology and values should guide them during this difficult time, reminding them of the courage and determination of past leaders who fought for India’s freedom.

Looking ahead to the upcoming general elections, Gandhi urged Congress MPs to channel their disappointment into a positive drive. She emphasized that the party has a lot of work to do as both a political party and a member of the INDIA group.

Gandhi also criticized the suspension of over 140 opposition MPs from Parliament, who were demanding Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement on the security breach in Parliament on December 13. She considered the suspension of these MPs, who were raising a reasonable and legitimate demand, as unprecedented. Gandhi pointed out the delayed response of the Prime Minister to address the nation on the incident, which she interpreted as a disregard for the dignity of the House and the people of the country.

Later, Congress MPs held a protest against the suspension of opposition members outside Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in the Parliament complex. Gandhi further criticized the BJP government for the rising inflation and increasing economic inequalities, highlighting the gap between the Prime Minister’s claims of economic growth and the ground reality.

She also expressed dissatisfaction with the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament, stating that it was merely a tactic to mislead women and gain their votes. Gandhi stressed the need to implement reservation for women immediately.

On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, Gandhi reaffirmed the Congress’ position, advocating for the restoration of full statehood and early elections in the region. She also mentioned the Congress’ innovative campaign to strengthen its finances, called “Donate for Desh,” which aims to generate resources for the party ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s historic “Tilak Swaraj Fund,” the campaign allows all Indians above the age of 18 to donate a minimum amount to support the party.,

Sonia Gandhi, the interim President of the Indian National Congress, recently spoke out against the suspension of eight opposition MPs from the Rajya Sabha (upper house of Parliament). In a scathing statement, she accused the government of “strangulating democracy” and suppressing the voice of dissent. Gandhi emphasized the importance of a robust democratic system that allows for healthy debates and discussions. This move by the government has raised concerns about the state of democracy in the country and the need for a fair and inclusive parliamentary process.

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