Trump faces scheduling challenges as court cases overlap with campaign.

Testimony in Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York wrapped Wednesday. Lawyers on both sides will have until Jan. 5 to submit written statements before they return to court Jan. 11, just four days ahead of the Iowa caucuses Jan. 15. The civil trial for writer E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit is scheduled to start the same day as the caucuses.

And the trial in his federal election interference case is slated to start the day before Super Tuesday, though a judge put the case on hold as Trump’s team argues for its dismissal.

Wiles said Trump’s campaign is frontloading his schedule in anticipation that legal proceedings may disrupt his campaign.

He’s campaigning in three states in four days, jetting from New Hampshire, where he drew thousands of MAGA faithful for his first arena rally in the state this cycle, to Nevada on Sunday and Iowa on Tuesday.

Trump’s team has also tried to turn the closely watched drama playing out in the courtrooms to his advantage. Trump was only required to be in the New York courtroom once for his civil fraud trial, but he appeared there eight times, often holding court with the media outside.

Meanwhile, Wiles said she doesn’t expect the frontrunner for the GOP nomination will suddenly start participating in the Republican primary debates he’s so far shunned, even as his lower-polling rivals push him to appear at upcoming forums in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“He’ll be here plenty,” Wiles said in New Hampshire. “But I don’t think he’s going to get on the debate stage.”

In a civil fraud trial in New York, testimony against former President Donald Trump has concluded. Written statements from both sides will be submitted by January 5, and the trial will resume on January 11, just four days before the Iowa caucuses. On the same day as the caucuses, a defamation suit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll against Trump is scheduled to begin. Furthermore, Trump’s federal election interference case is set to start on the day before Super Tuesday, but it has been put on hold as his legal team seeks its dismissal. Trump’s campaign is frontloading his schedule in anticipation of potential disruptions from the ongoing legal proceedings. Trump has been actively campaigning in multiple states, including New Hampshire, Nevada, and Iowa. While his rivals are urging him to participate in Republican primary debates, it is unlikely that Trump will join, according to his campaign spokesperson.

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