Ukrainian spies make a solemn pledge to deal a decisive blow to Russia, likened to a needle piercing its core.

Ukraine’s SBU security service plans to intensify intelligence operations and sabotage strikes deep in Russian-controlled territory next year, according to Major General Vasyl Malyuk. The aim is to bring the war closer to the Kremlin and surprise the enemy. While specific details are not disclosed, logistics targets and military assets in occupied Ukrainian territory are expected to be targeted, as well as strikes across the border. The SBU’s operations have boosted Ukrainian morale and hindered Russia’s war efforts. One focus area will be Crimea and the Black Sea, with the use of the Sea Baby drone, which has already been successful in damaging Russian warships and pushing the Russian fleet out of the region. Malyuk emphasized that the SBU carefully selects its targets to adhere to international law, in contrast to Russia’s indiscriminate attacks. The SBU’s operations are solely their own and Russia should be prepared for further strikes.,

Ukrainian spies have recently made a bold declaration, vowing to strike Russia “with a needle in the heart.” This statement reflects the ongoing tension between the two countries, as Ukraine accuses Russia of aggression and interference in its internal affairs. While the exact context and individuals involved in this declaration remain unclear, it underscores the deep-rooted animosity and intelligence activities between Ukraine and Russia. The statement serves as a reminder of the strained relationship and the potential for further escalation in the region.


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