River at Risk: Searching for Solutions on the Declining Colorado River | VOA Special Report

The Colorado River is the primary water source for 40 million people in the largest cities and agricultural lands in the American Southwest. Stretching from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to Mexico’s Gulf of California, the river system is now threatened by two decades of drought and overuse. In this five-part series, VOA looks at how cities, farmers, tribes, and other communities along the Colorado are adapting to a hotter, drier future with less water.

The Colorado River, which serves as the main water source for 40 million people in the American Southwest, is facing significant challenges due to drought and overuse. This article highlights a five-part series by VOA that explores how various communities, including cities, farmers, tribes, and others along the river, are adapting to a future with less water. The series sheds light on the measures being taken to cope with the increasing heat and water scarcity in the region.

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