The following teams are projected to make the 2023 NFL playoffs, resulting in a Round 1 matchup between the Bills and the Chiefs:

In a surprising turn of events, the NFL playoff picture has started to take shape heading into Week 15. The San Francisco 49ers were the only team to have clinched a playoff berth, but now three more teams have joined them. In the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have secured their spot in the postseason, despite both teams losing in Week 15. On the AFC side, the Baltimore Ravens are the lone team to have clinched so far. With four spots now secured, there are still 10 spots up for grabs. So, who will claim those coveted positions? Our playoff projections, based on data from number-cruncher Stephen Oh of, will provide some insight.

In the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts have a 58.7% chance of making the playoffs, followed by the Cincinnati Bengals at 43.5%. The Denver Broncos have a 17.6% chance, while the Pittsburgh Steelers sit at 4.8%. The Las Vegas Raiders have a slim 1.5% chance, while the Los Angeles Chargers are currently at 0%. The Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, and New England Patriots have all been eliminated from playoff contention.

Moving to the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings have the highest chance of making the playoffs at 59.5%, followed by the New Orleans Saints at 45.8%. The Green Bay Packers have a 17.3% chance, while the Atlanta Falcons sit at 4.2%. The Chicago Bears and New York Giants have slim chances at 0.4% and 0.2% respectively. The Washington Commanders, Arizona Cardinals, and Carolina Panthers have all been eliminated.

Looking ahead to the wild-card round, the AFC matchups would be the Houston Texans facing the Miami Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills taking on the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Cleveland Browns squaring off against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Ravens would have a bye week. In the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams would go up against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks would face the Detroit Lions, and the Cowboys would battle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 49ers would enjoy a bye week.

These projections are subject to change as the season progresses, but they provide a glimpse into the potential playoff field. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis as we approach the thrilling conclusion of the 2023 NFL season.,

The 2023 NFL playoff picture is shaping up to be an exciting one, with 14 teams projected to make the postseason. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs are expected to face off in Round 1, setting the stage for an intense battle between two powerhouse teams. As the reigning AFC champions, the Chiefs will be a tough opponent for the Bills, who are eager to make a deep playoff run. Fans can anticipate a thrilling start to the playoffs as these teams go head-to-head in what promises to be a highly anticipated matchup.

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